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Hana Knizova

Hana Knížová is a Czech-born photographer. She moved to London to study MA Photography at the London College of Communication. Her personal work reflects her interest in the ambitious youth, interpersonal relationships and consists mainly of conceptual intimate portrait series, including Family Matters and Hamr na Jezere. 
Her work is regularly exhibited and led to international awards. She was awarded the John Kobal New Work Award in 2013 by the National Portrait Gallery in London and won Photographer of the Year awarded by the Czech Grand Design in 2019.

about the artwork
The images submitted are a brief cut throw my work, and they come from various projects. Some are individual portraits, l some are part of larger series.  I have worked with people from quite opposite backgrounds - from very privileged to socially deprived, both being an incredible experience. The use of strong colours and repetitiveness plays a major role in my aesthetics. 

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Frauke Fischer

about the artwork
.beauty is in everyone everyone is beautiful. .being different is beautiful. I started a new project this year I started this year with a new photo project. In which I want to show that beauty and thus also beauty photography is not just related to a small group of people. But everyone is beautiful. In beauty photography, only perfect ideals are often staged. This bored me and I wanted to show how much more fascinating people and beauty there are. This is the first part of the project in which I photographed Tamara Röske, a model with Down syndrome. It was a pleasure to meet her, not only is she one of the most open and welcoming people I know. She is also full of energy and ambitions. From acting and modeling to clarinet playing in the orchestra and swimming competitions, she does it all with ease. She is a beautiful person in and out, that I was lucky to meet.


Kristina Wais | KRISTINA KORB

Photographer Anne Menke occupies the unique realm where high fashion meets bohemian travel and a free spirit. Her editorial work (for magazines including W, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Elle, In Style, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler and Vogue) exudes a sense of glamour often amidst a backdrop of far flung, exotic locales. Menke has photographed couture on the mountains of Peru and beauty contests on the plains of Mongolia.
Her eye for the authentic, somehow she’s an insider wherever she goes, has informed her campaigns for clients including Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, Keds, Clarins, L’Oreal, Aveda, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Macy’s,  J. Crew, Nike, Wrangler and Hush Puppies .

Menke was born in Germany and has lived and worked in London, Paris and New York City. Currently, she splits her time between New York City and Sayulita, Mexico where she surfs and chartered a green school, The Costa Verde International school project. Mexico is also the perfect base for her frequent photography excursions.

In 2001 Menke published a photography book “Our New York” in conjunction with Tommy Hilfiger. Her second book was published in 2012 titled “ See The World Beautiful” and is about her personal work from the last 15 years. Over last two years she had exhibitions in New York and Mexico.

Clients Photo:
Rebecca Taylor, John Smedley London, Emporio Armani, Banana Republic, Tommy
Hilfiger, Dockers USA, Oasis London, The Childrens Place, Nine West, Berg Goodman
USA, Bloomingdale s USA, Macy s USA, Danskin Kids, J Crew, Rena Lange, Louis Ferraud
Contraire, Damart France, Taifun, Chevignon Kids, Guess Jeans Kids USA, Liberty
London, Triumph Lingerie, Brax Jeans, Calida, Aveda, Ann Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger Fragrance,
Biotherm, Clarins, Siemens, Cellphones Worldwide, Nike, Otto, Axa Insurance, AOM Paris,
France Telecom, Healing Garden, Virginia Slims Cigarettes, Polo Cigarettes, Euro Disney,
Phillips Consumer Electronics, SNCF France, Caprice de Cieux, Carrefour, Samsung Electronice,
WK Wohnen, Prisunic France, Vogue Espana, Vogue Nippon, Vogue Sposa, Vogue Bambini, Vogue Living,
Elle Germany, Elle Netherlands, Marie Claire , "W", Conde Nast Traveller, Myself, Amica Italien,
Allegra, GQ, Elle Italia, Self Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Conde Nast Traveller.

Clients Film:
Prince Denmark, Loreal, Victoria´s Secret, Thommy Hilfiger, Migros, Keds, Lavett & Chin,
Salon du Mariage, Cafe Caruso, Narta, LLBean, Calida, Triumph Asien

about the artwork
Anne Menke portraitierte für die VOGUE Mexico wunderschöne mexikanische Frauen. Die Bilder haben eine unglaublich natürliche Wirkung wodurch die Schönheit der indigenen Gesichtszüge deutlich herausstechen. Vier der sieben Frauen sind keine Modelle, die anderen drei haben gerade erst mit ihrer Modellkarriere begonnen. Dadurch wirken die Bilder umso natürlicher. Die Fotos sollen keine Ideale der Modewelt zeigen, sondern reale Frauen zu denen andere aufsehen können um sich mit ihnen zu identifizieren. Jedes einzelne Bild besitzt eine individuelle und wunderbare Ausstrahlung. Durch die schlichten Hintergründe, den wenigen Accessoires und dem Schwarzweiß der Bilder liegt der Fokus deutlich auf den Gesichtern. Anne Menke erfaßte, mit ihrem Blick für das Besondere, die einzelnen Schönheiten in Sayulita, einem wunderschönen Dorf an der mexicanischen Pazifikküste. Creative Direktion von Debbie Smith. Das Styling übernahm Max Ortega Govela, Hair Lisa-Raquel Baines und Make-up Ana Marie Rizzieri.


Nikk Martin

Nikk Martin is based in Berlin and is working as a portrait and fashion photographer for about four years now.
He is 33 years old and studied law before he focused on photography. He taught himself, but later also assisted commercial fashion photographer Tobias Wirth. Now he works as a freelance photographer.

about the artwork
NINETY MINUTES This series of portraits is all about the short interaction of a gosee. I shot them within the last two years. Not more than ninety minutes between saying hello, talking a bit, getting to know who the other person is and capturing some frames. I think this way of taking pictures in a set situation is the rawest. Especially with not too experienced models, there is an authenticity in every movement.  Enjoy! Nikk


Lena Burmann

Brought up in a tiny Bavarian village, Lena Burmann, with all the innocent and joyous perplexity of a child, picked up her father’s reflex camera for the first time at the tender age of eight. Amazed over just how wondrous life looked through its lens, she has never put it down ever since. She commenced her studies in Berlin at Lette Verein, leading to several work placements with renowned photographers, before moving to Barcelona in all its Catalan splendour. Filled with new perspectives and colours, Burmann returned to her adoptive heimat of Berlin, where she is currently based. She taps into everyday things: reading, travelling, watching movies, and the pure interaction between people as sources of inspiration.

about the artwork
Lena Burmann draws inspiration from life with real people and real stories in focus. She crafts highly intricate yet seamless narratives, with a raw authenticity conveying the synergy between her and her model, and every photo a story unto its own. Playing with natural light to great effect, she imbues her photos with a melancholic atmosphere in an almost poetic manner; unassuming and serene, Burmann's work is captivating by essence of its simplicity.


Camilla Camaglia

I was born in 1984 in Italy, raised in different countries and currently live and work as freelance photographer between Rome (Italy) and Berlin (Germany). I graduated in 2007 in Photography and Visual Communication at the IED in Rome.   Clients: Glossybox Deutschland, Cleo Media GmbH, Wintergarten Berlin, Knitido Europe GmbH, Travel Blue Ltd., Peaches (I U She Music), Sister Sledge, Awomm Records, Bohemian Recordings, Candy Anthony London, Michal Negrin, Camp David, Soccx, Très Bonjour, Fraulein Kink, Dresp Activewear, Golab Agency   Publications: L'Officiel Latvia (editorial), L'Officiel Greece (cover - editorial), Highlights Magazine (editorial) Trend Privé Magazine (editorial), LNE Magazine (cover - editorial), Trucco e Bellezza (cover - editorial), OOB Magazine (editorial), Gracian Collection (cover - editorial), Linie International (cover), Quality Magazine (cover), Ajourè Magazine International (cover), Twill Magazine (editorial), Vogue Deutschland (portrait), Vysa Evropa Magazine (designer feature), Face On Magazine (editorial), Cineplex Magazine Canada (portrait), Material Girl (designer feature), WWD (designer feature), (exhibition)   Exhibitions: Cannes Photo Mode 2014 - 12ème Festival International de la Photographie de Mode, group exhibition Cannes Photo Mode 2012 - 10ème Festival International de la Photographie de Mode, group exhibition Cannes Photo Mode 2011 - 9ème Festival International de la Photographie de Mode, group exhibition Group Exhibition "Roma+Fellini" within "FotoGrafia", Rome International Festival of Photography (May, 2007)

about the artwork
My name is Camilla Camaglia and I'm a beauty photographer based between Rome - Italy and Berlin - Germany. The photos I'm submitting are from my recently published book project "Art Beyond Beauty" in cooperation with international make-up artist Einat Dan and sponsored by Kryolan. The book is all about creative beauty looks and so are all the photos in it.



Jonas Holthaus portrays international stars and collaborates with artists such as Nan Goldin. He has a strong sense for colour and light and knows exactly how to transform this sensitivity into a unique image.
Jonas is based in Berlin and is working for clients like 11 Freunde, ARAG Versicherungen, BOROS-Agentur für Kommunikation, Budweiser, Capital, Deutsche Bauzeitung, ERGO Versicherungen, Galore, INTRO Magazine, L'OFFICIEL Germany, Musikexpress, Nickelodeon, NIDO Magazine, Realach, Rocket, Rolling Stone Magazine, Strichpunkt Design, Sleek, STRABAG Real Estate, Stern, SZ-Magazin, Territory, Texte Zur Kunst, Universal Music, VICE Magazine USA, VICE Magazine Germany, Vodafone UK, Weberbank, WIRED Magazine, Wort&Bild Verlag, ZARA-Inditex Group and ZEITmagazin amongst others.

about the artwork
Marika Hackman, britische Singer-Songwriterin schreibt radikale Songs über den weiblichen Körper, der nicht Objekt ist, über Lust und Sex, Masturbation und Liebhaberinnen. Jonas Holthaus fotografierte sie für das ROLLING STONE Magazin. Schon mit vierzehn Jahren sammelte Marika erste Auftrittserfahrungen - als Schlagzeugerin einer Cover-Band mit ihrer Freundin Cara Delevingne. Im Jahr 2012 wurde Marika Hackman dann über die Kontakte Cara Delevingnes als Model für Burberry auserkoren und trat als Solokünstlerin in ausgesuchten Läden des Labels auf. 2015 erschien ihr Debutalbum 'We Slept at Last', ihr zweites Album 'I'm Not Your Man' erschien im Juni 2017, aktuell promotet sie 'Any Human Friend', erschienen 2019.


Philipp Mueller

about the artwork
Ich wohne seit 20 jahren in Paris, und ich denke ich kenne meine Wahlheimat. Und doch birgt sie nach dieser langen Zeit immer noch Überrachungen. Als ich kürzlich angefragt wurde für ein Projekt Portraits auf dem Flohmarkt in St. Ouen, an der Stadtgrenze von Paris zu fotografieren, war sofort dabei. Da ist diese kleine Ecke am Flohmarkt die sich erfolgreich gegen die Angriffe der modernen Zeit erwehrt. Diese Welt ist in Gefahr ,weil der Standort für die Olympiade in Paris attraktiv ist.  Die Investoren stehen schon vor den Toren, wie bei dem kleinen Gallischen Dorf mit den allseits beliebten, schnauzbärtigen Helden einst die Römer.   Deshalb war es mir wichtig diesen Ort für die Zeit festzuhalten. In erster Linie die Menschen die mit dem Flohmarkt verwachsen sind  einzufangen.  Nebenbei mag ich keine langen und Intellektuellen Projektbeschreibungen. Lieber lasse die Bilder für sich sprechen.  I live in Paris for 20 years and I think I know my adopted City. And yet, after this long time, she still holds stories. When I was recently asked for a project of portraits at the flea market in St. Ouen, photographing on the city limits of Paris, was immediately present. There's this little corner of the flea market that successfully fends off the attacks of modern times. This world is in danger because the location is attractive for the Paris Olympics. The investors are already at the gates, as in the small Gaulish village with the ever-popular, mustachioed heroes once the Romans. That's why it was important for me to keep this place for the time being. First and foremost, the people who have grown together with the flea market capture. Incidentally, I do not like long and intellectual project descriptions. Dear let the pictures speak for themselves. Philipp Mueller


Bernd Opitz

Having gained experience shooting mostly artist´s portraits
for the music press, Bernd started his career as a
photographer at the age of 22. He started to explore the
field of still photography soon after, in which he worked
successfully for some years before feeling the urge to
strive for new borders. Interior and architectural
photography seemed just as challenging as a new vital
approach to people photography, and since he never was one
to fear the battle, he just went for both. Fortunately the
industry saw his often unconventional results in frequent
publishings – and liked it. Today after a good thirty years of
peak performance already, Bernd holds the respect of many
an art critic and numerous clients, who trust his great
creativity, his fast grasp of every subject, his unbeatable
humour, his precise eye and his extremely sensible balance of
light and media. „The light is your friend – you have to treat
it kindly and give it room to breathe“, he often says. „It will
reward you then.“
His work takes him from the most secluded and breathtaking
spots to rural and suburban environments all over the
world, he constantly seems to be living out of suitcases. He
loves it. Just as much as he enjoys the next challenge that
awaits him with every new assignment.
Movement is everything.

about the artwork
TRANSITION Slightly bizarre compositions, objects that seemed to have been randomly picked and yet start a communication amongst each other. a portait series.



about the artwork
Michal "Shootman" Majewski - portraits for the interview in WO magazine


Dominik Asbach

Dominik Asbach.
Ausbildung zum Fotografen in Mülheim an der Ruhr.
Studium Fotodesign an der FH Dortmund.
LAIF Mitglied.

Arbeiten für:
11FREUNDE. Abenteuer&Reisen. AD. ADC. anders handeln. Annabelle. Apotheken Umschau. Baby&Familie. BARBARA. bella. Brigitte. Brigitte Woman. Bunte. Capital. Chrismon. DMeuro. Donna. emotion. Eltern. Eltern Family. enorm. FAZ. FHM. fluter. Focus. der Freitag. freundin. Für Sie. Galore. Geolino. Glamour. GQ. Handelsblatt. Happinez. healthy living. Heimatdesign. Hygge. Impulse. jetzt:. l`observateur. Lufthansa Magazin. Manager Magazin. Maxi. Meins. Merian. MiniMagazin. MOM. Musikexpress. Myself. National Geographic. NEON. New York Times. NIDO. NZZ. NZZ Folio. Playboy. Spiegel. Stern. SZ Magazin. Tagesanzeiger. TAZ. the New Yorker. Tina. Vital. WDR. Welt am Sonntag. Weltwoche. Wired. Wirtschaftswoche. WOZ. die Zeit. Zeit Campus. Zeit Magazin.

Allianz. AOK. Arvato/Bertelsmann. Bauhaus. BayernLB. Bilfinger. Caritas. Citroen. CJD. Cicero. Commerzbank. DBmobil. Deutscher Verkehrsrat. DFL. Diakonie. DM. Draeger. DS. EDG. Edel Records. EGW.ERGO. Evonik. exactag. Fujifilm. G+F. Haniel. Heimat KK. hella. Hochland. hochtief. HRS. IKK. Initiative Tierwohl. INSM. innogy. Kiepenheuer&Witsch. K+S. Lekkerland. Leonardo Hotels. Loschelder. MAN. Mc Kinsey. Meissener Porzellan. OBI. Peugeot. Pfreundt. Pieper Verlag. Postbank. RAG Stiftung. REWE. Roland Berger. Rowohlt. Schwacke. Siemens. Sixt. Targobank. Techniker Krankenkasse. ThyssenKrupp. TÜV Rheinland. Telekom. Tchibo. Union Invest. Vodafone. Volkswagen AG. Warsteiner. Wingas. Welthungerhilfe.

about the artwork
Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria. Tief im Westen. Wo das Herz noch zählt. Nicht das große Geld. Vokuhila-Willi, Celine, Hellmut, Federica, Love Machine, Fiona, Tankwart a.D., Klaus Fiehe, Laurina, Christoph, Rocker-Klaus, Dean.


Feli & Pepita

​The German photographers FELI & PEPITA, known for their innovative photography, regularly photograph for international fashion magazines such as Harper ́s Bazaar and Marie Claire. Their works have been shown at various exhibitions, most recently in a solo shows in Tokyo, Paris, Cologne and Vancouver.

FELi & PEPITA´s work is published in 

Marie Claire Enfants | Harper´s Bazaar | Hooligans Magazine | et L´ENFANTERRIBLE Magazine | Junior Style London | 
Mini Maven Maven Magazine | La Petite Magazine | Poster Child Magazine | Childhood Business | Babiekins Magazine |  
Little Revolution Magazine | Awkward World Magazine 


FELI & PEPITA come from the world of fashion. Their works are inspired by a variety of textiles and fabrics that are used either as stand-alone material for their artworks or - as in their photography - focus on a special quality in each case. The independent characteristics of the material - the curvature of its surface, the haptic structure, the individual reflection of light - is the starting point. The two are working along the possibilities which derive from the material itself; its essence is conveyed into new contexts through form- finding. Often, the work concentrates on specifics of the material, such as flesh-colored stockings turn into soft, fragile animal skins, or a lively mosaic forms from fashion photography of fur coats. However, there are also surprising turns in which, for example, the inconspicuous potential of black plastic cords is activated into a thick shiny Rapunzel braid. Color combinations, patterns and structures are central in the photography of FELI & PEPITA. The compilation of many similar images to one common work directs the sight on both, the totality and the individual image. Here, the fashion related background crystallizes into an interest in the cultural codes of clothing. The two observe accurately how subtle features of recognition, often used by their wearers for conscious and fine distinction, are democratized by their own success through increasing publicity. In the end, these features spread themselves in form of plagiarisms and imitations far beyond their original contexts, like the well known Burberry pattern. FELI & PEPITA mark the variety of materials that determines the western everyday life as a carrier of cultural references. They are always able to tell a bit more than what seemed possible at first glance. 
Melanie Bono, Curator, Munich, Germany 

Pepita von Ehrenfeld 
Born 1965 in Wesseling, a german industrial city, she lives and works in Cologne, since 1984.
At the age of 12 she discovers her talent for painting and develops her passion for art and fashion.
Studies of art history, african studies und islam science at University of Cologne 1984-1988.
Paintings, photographic works and installations since 1986. 
Since 1988 work as fashion stylist for fashion, commercials and celebrities.
Since 1992 freelance fashion editor for magazines like Kid´s Wear Magazine, Donna, Stern, Bunte, Gala, Cosmopolitan and Fashion Today. 
The first collaboration with Feli Fla in 1993 on the project “Oostendenaars“, by photo artist Johannes Booz, which was exhibited at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Oostende, Belgium and printed as book.
Costume design for the movie „I love you baby“, directed by Nick Lyon in 1998.
Between 1996 to 2002 numerous travels take her to the United States, to work in LA, Miami, San Francisco and New York.
From 2003 to 2006 she visited several times Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.
Other travels take her to countries in Asia, like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
As stylist she collaborates with many famous photographers like Tim Petersen, Nick Clements, Markus Jans, Andy Tan, Elliston Lutz and Marcel Hartmann, to name a few.
Since 2007 she works together with Feli Fla on their common art production and photographic work.

Feli Fla 
Born 1963 in Bergneustadt, the son of a German-Algerian couple moves immediately with his family to Wesseling, Germany.
From 1983-1990 studies of German literature, political science, sociology and philosophy at University of Cologne.
Member of several music bands and projects, like Sally Davis Junior and New Sonic. Concerts, performances and LP / CD´s, 1986-2001.
Freestyle video / photographic works and sound installations, since 1985.
Beside his musical work he becomes a Puppeteer for german TV Show „Hurra Deutschland“ from 1989 - 1992.
Always interested in people, in 1992 he starts working as a freelance casting agent and walks around with his camera to find new talents and faces.
He is one of the founding members and editor of the Kid´s Wear Magazine.
From 1998 to 2000 he works in Düsseldorf as copywriter for an international advertising agency. 
Since 2001 he works as photographer, fashion stylist and costume designer for music videos, advertising and fashion. This work takes him to numerous places around the world.
He runs the party series Discorobics and Dorfdisco in Cologne clubs as DJ and host.
Fell in love with Pepita von Ehrenfeld in 1981. Start common art production in 2007.

about the artwork
In their new work "Where were you in `82?" the artists FELI & PEPITA put their protagonists in a classroom in the year 1982. The series is inspired by old high school yearbooks, class photos, the first issues of the magazine The Face and the music of Madonna, Culture Club and ABC. The new collections by luxury brands Dsquared2, Lanvin, Chloé, Givenchy, and Pucci fit perfectly to the vintage setting. The editorial "Where were you in ´82?" was published in August 2019 in London based kids fashion magazine HOOLIGANS MAGAZINE.


Tobias Wirth

Tobias Wirth is an internationally working photographer based in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France represented by Tobias Bosch.
He is specialised in Fashion, Portrait and Advertising and worked for many international clients and magazines like MCM, VOGUE, L'officiel, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Timberland, Zalando and others.   His work is characterized by its unique composition in the image structure as well as the expressiveness and the emotional sensitivity that his pictures transport.

about the artwork
These pictures shows an overview of inspiring photographical encounters with beautiful human beings from the inside and outside.



AORTA is a swedish photography duo consisting of Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän.

about the artwork
Portraits of residents at retirement homes in the Gothenburg area in Sweden. 


Isabel Scharenberg Creative Management

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Hector Adalid was always fascinated by nature, authentic people and their history. As an anthropology student, he has many areas of interest besides his profession as a photographer. In addition, Hector returns to his homeland again and again to document various topics such as "street gangs" and Indians in the northern mountains of Mexico. The latter is part of the permanent collection of the National Anthropology and History Museum of Mexico City. Hector Adalid developed his passion for photography and art while living in Amsterdam for two years. From Europe he moved to New York City, where he still lives. 


Sandro Baebler

Sandro Baebler is a celebrity, portrait, advertising and editorial photographer and director. He grew up in a tiny mountain village in Switzerland where he spent his time snowboarding, hiking, eating chocolate and playing in the snow. He studied graphic design in Zurich where he developed an eye for stunning visual concepts and compositions which helped him to define his current style as both a director and photographer. It was during his studies that Sandro discovered his passion for the medium, built his own portfolio and started working as a photographer. His work has appeared in ELLE, GQ, VANITY FAIR, WIRED & L'OFFICIEL HOMMES, ZEIT, ROLLING STONE and he’s shot portraits of notable people and celebrities. In addition to photography he transforms his unique style into beautifully directed motion pieces. As a director Sandro combines the precision and earthiness from his Swiss roots with vitality and empathy from his frequent travels. When he’s not on the road, you will most likely find him in Zurich or Los Angeles. He works local to Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris and Zurich.


Yana Vasilyeva

Yana Vasilyeva is an art photographer also works with installation; currently lives in Krasnodar, Russia. Her researches focus on the interaction of human and nature, human and society and their mutual penetration; with the approach reflecting the cohabitation between self-expression, freedom of thought and equality.
She is a recipient and finalist of numerous international photo awards: International Photography Awards, USA; Prix de la Photographie Paris; Fine Art Photography Awards, London; Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers; GoSee Awards, Berlin, etc.
Her projects have been exhibited internationally in biennales and festivals such as Berlin Foto Biennale, Germany; Incart Festival d'Art Contemporari and Barcelona Foto Biennale, Spain; Head On Photo Festival, Australia;  International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa, Russia.

about the artwork
In my work I love to dig deeper in people’s emotions; photographs rely on visual codes and symbolism often portraying themes of interaction of human and nature, cohabitation of self-expression, freedom of thought and equality, themes of memory, dreams and personal mythology.  


Manu Agah


After several years of assisting, Manu Agah started his own career as a photographer, shooting editorials for magazines such as "Max", "Stern" and "Die Zeit"… his focus nowadays is on advertising.
Having spent more than 20 years in the business, Manu Agah's portfolio reveals a wide variety of different themes, from classic portraits to people photography, car shoots, still life and landscapes.
He has been working for many different clients in Europe and the USA and has done productions all over the world.
Manu is a member of the BFF (Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter) and a full member of the British Design & AD. He has won many national and international prizes.

about the artwork
MANU AGAH PHOTOGRAPHY - "TOUGH GUYS" Personal work, shot at the Hamburg Harley Days, summer 2019. Retouch by [ZERONE] Duesseldorf.