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Joseph Ford

Joseph began his adult life sensibly enough by studying French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, then horrified his parents by moving to Paris to be a photographer. 

His personal work has won him numerous awards and has inspired films and campaigns for LVMH, Missoni, Lacoste and many others. He is regularly featured on Colossal, Fubiz, PDN, Design Boom and other art/design blogs.

His work concentrates on optical illusions. With his Aerial Fashion series he blended landscapes shot from helicopters with still life close-ups of clothes. His Knitted Camouflage series uses custom hand-knitted sweaters to make people disappear into their environments. 

His work is in various private collections and in the permanent collection of the Hamburg Art and Design Museum and the Musée d’Art Urbain & Street Art in France, and has been exhibited as part of numerous festivals, including the Zürich Aufsehen festival and the Andorra Land Art Biennale. 

Joseph is based in the UK.

about the artwork
I love optical illusions, whether it be with changing scales or with blending objects together. With this series I have worked on matching people to their landscapes through custom-made knitwear. Each of these pictures has taken me weeks to research and plan, and I’ve given the knitter, Nina Dodd, a precise brief on exactly how the design should match the background. She has spent weeks knitting for each one. I have generally begun with an idea: ‘Could I photograph someone blending into cherry blossom?’ Then I go looking for the perfect location. The locations have to be eye-catching but simple enough to be able to be knitted. They also have to be places that aren’t going to change too fast, as the knitting takes a few weeks. It would have been terrible to prepare a sweater and then not be able to shoot because the location has been demolished.  Once I’ve found the location, I photograph someone standing where I would like the model to be in the final picture. I draw over this scouting photograph and annotate the picture with different colours and patterns so Nina can plan how to knit. Often there are 10 or 12 different shades of yarn in a single picture, and up to 24 balls of wool at any one time for the more complicated designs. The choice of yarn has varied according to the background: the blue running track had a shiny surface so we found a fine cotton with a sheen to it.


Eva Roovers

Eva Roovers is from Amsterdam and currently lives and works in London whilst studying at the Royal College of Art. 

2018-2020: Royal College of Art London, MA Sculpture
2004-2005 MAhku Utrecht, MA Fine Art
2001-2004: Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht, BA Photography
Main Exhibitions:
2016 Abstract Stills, 44 Gallery, Brugge BE
2014 Tornen aan de Grenzen, Dapirian, Urecht NL
2005 Mirror Stage, Galerie Masters, Amsterdam NL
2019 Nieuwe aanwinsten, HEDEN, Den Haag NL
2019 It was a pleasure, DAK Utrecht, NL
2018 WIP, Royal College of Art London, UK
2018 Red, Yellow & Neon, Galerie 1 SBK KNSM Amsterdam
2018 DAK, duo-show with Annegret Kellner, Amsterdam, NL
2017 New Dutch Photography talent, VT Art Salon, Taipei TW
2017 Jong&Veelbelovend, Villa Mondriaan, Winterswijk NL
2017 Temporary Farewell, Witteveen Visual Art, Amsterdam
2016 Update16, Kronpinzenpaleis, Berlin DE
2015 YIP art, Christie's, Amsterdam NL
2015 Marque Page, Havas Arles Gallery, Arles FR
2015 Formations, Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam NL
2015 Grand Opening, Seelevel, Amsterdam NL
2015 Strange Cities, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens GR
2014 Marque Page, Havas Worldwide, Paris FR
2014 New Dutch Photography Talent, GUP Gallery, Amsterdam
2014 Orchestrated Coincidence, Seelevel, Amsterdam NL
2011 Index7, Protein Gallery, London UK
2009 Opposites Attract, De Veemvloer, Amsterdam NL
2009 On Dialectics, De Veemvloer, Amsterdam NL
2007 Saatchi Online, Sara Tecchia Gallery, New York USA
2005 Open studio 6, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, KO

2019 Art on Paper, Heden, Amsterdam NL
2018 Art Paris, Promises section, Paris FR
2017 Zes voor 6, Loods 6, Amsterdam NL
2017 PAN, Rutger Brand, Amsterdam NL
2016 PAN, campagne beeld bij entrée, Amsterdam NL
2013 Art at the Warehouse, Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Rotterdam NL

2018 Book: Collor Collective, Promopress Publisher
2018 Magazine: Stylist (multiple editorials)
2017 Magazine: ELLE UK (multiple editorials)
2016 Newspaper: Parool 19-11 2 page interview
2016 Print: PAN Magazine, article 8 pages
2016 Online & exhibition: Gosee Award, gold in Stills
2016 Radio: Opium - Torenkamer, radio 4, 21 oktober
2015 Magazine: L'officiel (France & NL)
2015 Online: Interview Urban Outfitters - Artist of the week
2015 Online: Trendland review
2014 TV: Avro Kunstuur - 2 march (start at min.32)
2014 Book: New Dutch Photography talent, GUP publisher
Award, nominations, selections
2017 Talent Award, Prins Bernard CultuurFonds
2016 FOAM selection for the PAN campaign
2016 Gosee Award Berlin
2014 International Color Award 
2014 New Dutch Photography talent 
2014 Artist in residence - Torenkamer Amsterdam
2005 Artist in residence - SsamzieSpace Seoul

about the artwork
Series: Plantastic Plantastic is collaboration between Eva Roovers and setdesigner Carolyne Byrne, the pair created a fantasy forest based on regular household plants. The Flora is not all natural as appears on 2nd viewing. Some of the seemingly organic shapes come from plastic household objects and address the mater of plastic micro beads feeding into the ecological system on a daily base, in a colourful carnival of plants. Roovers is interested in the notion of Carnivalesque, where the mundane, the absurd and the miraculous are intertwined. In her colorful images, often described as sculptural photography, she creates a playful and sensual ambiance. Often starting our with everyday and unattractive subjects, such as rubbish, aging or pollution she creates magical settings trough the combinations of materials with a stylistic approach that transcend the ugly nature of these themes. She believes that the everyday is the vital soil for the exceptional and takes mundane objects into a new context to explore their qualities of being subject to visual poetry.  

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christian schmidt

Christian Schmidt, Photograph mit Sitz in Stuttgart fotografiert seit über 15 Jahren in den Bereichen Landschaft, Auto und People. Seine Passion für Weite, Atmosphäre und Graphik beschwertem ihm neben diversen Kampagnen etliche Auszeichnungen im In- und Ausland. Er wird in Deutschland durch Claudia Bitzer in Hamburg vertreten.

about the artwork
"She liked the sea" is a personal visual journey through the wide and open landscapes of scandinavians westcoast.


Bernd Cierpiol | STUDIO B71

Bernd owned his first Camera at the age of 12. After high school he travelled for some years around Europe and North-Africa. His camera was always with him. 1986 he began to study Ethnology to relate to his photographic journeys. After that his studies of Photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund followed. After M.A. degree in 1997 he first worked in photo journalism, portrait photography, fashion. He always worked on abstract art projects too. In the majority of cases these photographs are showing an intense and critical, sometimes ironic relationship to the roll of mankind in nature or his direct environment. In the beginning his art works were influenced by Naturalism but very early he developed his experimental and abstract work up to a surreal destruction of seeing that today builds the focus of his art work, provoking the viewing habits of the spectator. The themes are often motivated by an existential philosophy in which the role of human being is called into question. Today he lives and works in Düsseldorf and Cádiz.

about the artwork
This work is called Fata Morgana Burnout The term is known as a delusion, a mirage or even a mania. But their core nature is, that they seem to be real to us. "Burnout" as a term for total mental, emotional and physical exhaustion is accompanied with a state of blurred awareness and consciousness. Have you ever asked yourself: Is this really my beautiful house? Is this really my beautiful wife? Is this really my beautiful world? Or is it just a reflection of something, a mirage of my mind? This work is affected by the awareness of a world that changes in an unpredictable way. It destructs, alienates and deforms itself up to evanescence. Th photography where taken at the location of Cadiz and El Palmar de Vejer in the southwest of Spain. They represent mirrors of humans or buildings that the sea tide leave for a short moment on the beach presented upside down, so they become their own reality. Water turns into sky, sand structures into clouds.  


Hana Knizova

Hana Knížová is a Czech-born photographer. She moved to London in 2010 to study MA Photography at the London College of Communication. Her personal work, reflects her interest in the ambitious youth and consists mainly of conceptual portrait series, including Family Matters and Hamr na Jezre. She likes to use unconventional models in her imagery,  as well as working with repetitive colour patterns and shapes.
 Her work is regularly exhibited, she was awarded the John Kobal New Work Award 2013 by National Portrait Gallery.  She devides her time between London and Prague.

about the artwork
Hamr na Jezere is a youth detention centre in northern Czech Republic. The project is rooted in my long-term interest in youth and ambitions. We used to drive by when I was little and I remember always wondering what the life must be like if you’re one of the kids. The youth, aged from early teens up to 16, have been institutionalized for various behavioural problems, ranging from aggression at school to petty crimes. Their length of stay varies from a couple of months to several years, and some of the children have spent half of their lives there. The facility comprises schooling and sleeping quarters, separated by gender, designed to serve as a 'family community' - the children live together, visited by guardians and counsellors in shifts. They mostly come from broken homes and some do not have any family members. Within their stay, they form various relationships, ranging from close friendship to hatred. They all have their personal stories which are impressive in its own way.


Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian received his MFA from the Art Center College of Design in 1992. His BFA was completed at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1990. Jim's photographs have been exhibited across North America, Europe and Australia and featured in numerous publications including Esquire, The Atlantic, and the Daily Mail. His work is in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Ackland Art Museum and others.  He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

about the artwork
Personal project using images sourced from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online archive.  


Peter Franck

about the artwork
Series „Postcards from heaven“, 2017 - 2018 postcard size and the size 50 cm at the longer side, signed and numbered, edition of 50. + The series is based on the series "the kodak moment". Postcards, today only decoration in tourist shops were always greetings to home. A greeting to our loved ones and a hint that one has managed to get away once. Kitsch and an often stereotypical interpretation of landscape and nature have created an unbelievable collection of absurd impressions over the years. this absurdity is continued with the here shown images. New stories are told. Stories like postcards sent out of the world of dreams and fears. Stories with enigmatic humor and winking eyes. Surreal greetings from „Absurdistan“. Humorous and serious contemplation of our past and present ..... fragments of history from a world that in and of itself is often completely out of joint.


Making Pictures

On set, Tom van Schelven likes to create a fun, high-energy atmosphere with lots of noise, and movement. This vibrancy certainly transfers into his film and photography work which has an authentic, honest feel that differentiates it from the sort of cheesy lifestyle shoots you see elsewhere. Growing up, Tom split his time between Manchester and the Netherlands and there’s a definite element of Dutch directness in his work. He likes to strip down commissions and find the simplest way of getting the message across. Whether he’s shooting surfers for The Wall Street Journal, top actors like Samuel L Jackson, or commercial campaigns for the likes of Virgin, Sony or Renault, Tom’s effervescent imagery stands out in a crowded field. Rather than studying photography, Tom opted instead for an on-the-job training as an assistant where he learned what he liked (a friendly, boisterous atmosphere) and what he didn’t (moody, staged and overly-serious shoots). He revels in the collaborative nature of big commercial jobs – the high expectations and the pressure that comes with creating work that will be seen by millions of people.

about the artwork
Tom van Schelven's striking new personal series In Flight captures a troupe of acrobats backflipping over sand dunes and tumbling through the air in the desert. The project was produced in Cape Town by Nomad Productions. “I wasn’t trying to shoot them at the apex of the backflip, it was more the moment slightly before and slightly afterward, when not everything is perfect in terms of expression or movement.”  


Santiago Perez

Santiago is a Berlin-based photographer.

Clients and publications Vogue Italia, Axe, Liebeskind, Impulse, Ogilvy & Mather, Innocean Worldwide, David the Agency, Energy BBDO, METAL Magazine, The Greatest Magazine, Ladygunn, Trunkproject, Kaltblut, Sicky Magazine, Der Greif, Lovesome Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Le Mile Magazine, Ponce Buenos Aires, Super an der Spree, Windex, Unilever, Airberlin, Make Happen, Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, Call it Spring, HOWL, Studio Tigres, El Pais, Deutsche Welle


WE! shoot it

After working togerther for years, the two transportation specialists Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon startet "WE! shoot it" in 2016. Since then, the two have quickliy made a name for themselves in contemporary car photography.

about the artwork
'Falling Waters' – unusual fine art landscape work by WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon in cooperation with Sarah Willmeroth Postproduktion. Already a year ago, transportation photographers Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon began conceptual work on a new fine art landscape spread, for which the duo wanted to venture on previously unseen, artistically dreamy terrain, completely detached from all purported principles of good landscape photography... After the first round of location scouting, they went into the forests of the Bavarian Prealps at night with all kinds of equipment. "Particularly challenging was finding locations that could be reached in the dark of the night carrying heavy medium-format equipment but that still offered extraordinary spectacles of nature," the duo tells GoSee. The photos were taken on site with several exposures in absolute darkness. In some cases, individual elements were brought out more clearly with targeted lighting; at times illuminated with simple spotlights, at others with a drone. In some places, the water that plays a role in all of their motifs, began to blur through the long exposure times; A few sharp drops and splashes appear in it caused by the quick targeted light. "This led to an unusually surreal aesthetic already while photographing as a result of the different, or to some extent, non-existent light directions." To further enhance the unusual appearance of the spread, the duo cooperated in post production with Munich-based newcomer Sarah Willmeroth, whose new and unusual looks stand out. Following the first composing, Sarah was in charge of the look of the work. The result are unusually artistic landscape photos that give the viewer an entirely new experience.  


Stefan Ruhmke

Die zwischen Berlin und Schweden pendelnden Fotografen STEFAN & VICI RUHMKE sind bekannt für ihren massiven Einsatz von Farbe bei ihren wunderschön komponierten Fotos. Geboren ist Stefan 1979 in Malchin, damals noch DDR. Aufgewachsen ist der begeisterte BMXer in Berlin. Nach Abitur gab es ein abgebrochenes Bau-Ingenieur Studium das ihn auf direktem Weg zum Lette-Verein führte, wo er seine Fotografie-Ausbildung nach drei Jahren als Fotodesigner erfolgreich abschloss. Bereits während seiner Ausbildung lernte er seine Frau Vici kennen - und vom ersten Tag an entwickeln die Beiden mit viel Liebe und Hingabe alle Foto-Ideen Hand in Hand.

about the artwork
Hi everyone, This summer I grabbed my husband´s new camera and wanted to see what brings me joy. My husband Stefan dedicated himself to the restoration of the house and I had the camera all to myself. Every year we spend a few month in the Skandinavian natur, which is in harmony with our natur. There are not many people in our small Scandinavian village who are still keen to be photographed, so it came that I photographed wild flowers in various places. I also went to neighbors and askes if I could take a few flowers with them, they were happy about the attention and opened their doors. It was a joyfull time. When you photograph wild flowers, people are happy. The brilliant camera I have tested is a Hasselblad X1D. "Wasn't it strange that so little could make so happy?" Astrid Lindgren Love&Peace Vicky Ruhmke 


Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn | Schall & Schnabel

about the artwork
"How to modify an ocean in cycles" is a series of images that combined photographs and 3D renderings. art project in collaboration for Weltgast artwork: Schall & Schnabel muse: Jannick Hahn hair & make-up: Jennifer Galle


Jo Fober | Foto Fober GbR

I was born and raised in Cologne. At a young age I started photography, experimented a lot, during my studies I bought an analogue Hasselblad 501 CM and then assisted some photographers and took part in workshops, for example TPW at Andreas Bitesnich. After buying a digital Hasselblad H2 and digital back I worked independently in fashion and portrait environment. With the work, I was once Hasselblad Masters finalist. A stay in New York and my then taken pictures of Coney Iceland had a great response and I have switched to the artistic architecture photography. Still make individual jobs in fashion photography, but my focus is now in the architecture, where I have come to commissioned work through the artistic images.

about the artwork
Series: urban interiors no people My architectural shots are digitally implemented according to the no-bleach principle of the analogue development method. The result is color reduction and intense contrasts. My frontal and central view gives the photographs a documentary dimension, you can say that the influence of Hilla and Bernd Becher in working with natural light is an integral part of my architectural photographs. In this way, the soul of the indoor shots to be captured.



As a photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson tests the boundaries between what is real and what is fiction. He describes his both unique and acclaimed style as unreal ideas implemented in a realistic way, with a touch of humour. Since 2012 he has been living in Berlin, working with his own projects and clients such as Google, Adobe and Microsoft. For him, taking photographs is rather collecting material in order to realise his ideas and a finished picture can consist of hundreds of photographic images. Each new project is a new challenge and Erik’s goal is to make each picture look as realistic as possible. Erik grew up on a farm in Västergötland. "Growing up in the Swedish countryside has had a great impact on my visual style. Many of the environments I use in my pictures are places around where my parents live, with wide open landscapes and small red houses". Erik had an interest in drawing and computers from an early age, escaping to other worlds through his computer games. "When I was 15 I got my first digital camera, which opened up new doors for me." However, it was the manipulation of the photograph that interested him the most, being able to create something that could not be captured with the camera. In 2005 he moved to Gothenburg to study computer science at Chalmers University of Technology. During his studies, he began publishing pictures online, which in turn led to offers of commissioned work from various local advertising agencies. He began freelancing in tandem with his studies, landing more and more assignments. On graduating from Chalmers he decided to continue freelancing full-time as a photographer. "Although I still think that interaction design is a very interesting topic, photography and retouching are my passions."

about the artwork
Surreal Worlds of Erik Johansson c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO. Once again, take a leap into the surreal work of Erik Johansson and let your imagination run free. But don't let your mind fool you, there is hard work and many hours behind every image.


Marie-Therese Cramer

about the artwork
„Color Blush“ is all about the fascination for colors, passion for structures and retaining motion in the moment. What you see are images of moving textile objects. Their structure merges with color gradients and strong chromatic color planes. Soft floating harmonious entities and divergent spaces rich in contrast are the result. Unique moods, accents and color plays are created by the sole exposure to colored light. The motives are shot as pure photography without retouch. Photography Marie-Therese Cramer Styling Sandra Schollmeyer


Manu Agah


After several years of assisting, Manu Agah started his own career as a photographer, shooting editorials for magazines such as "Max", "Stern" and "Die Zeit"… his focus nowadays is on advertising.
Having spent more than 20 years in the business, Manu Agah's portfolio reveals a wide variety of different themes, from classic portraits to people photography, car shoots, still life and landscapes.
He has been working for many different clients in Europe and the USA and has done productions all over the world.
Manu is a member of the BFF (Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter) and a full member of the British Design & AD. He has won many national and international prizes.

about the artwork
MANU AGAH PHOTOGRAPHY - "NIZZA BY TRAM". An unusual perspective. Personal work, shot in Nice, France, summer 2019.