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Beata Szczecinska

Beata Szczecinska aka Cityabyss was born in 1978 in Lomza, Poland. She has gratuated from the High School of Fine Arts in Lomza and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, from the Faculty of Graphic Arts in the Woodcut Studio of Prof. Zbigniew Lutomski in 2004. A visual artist who expands her field of activity to illustration, design and mural. In her creative work, she touches upon topics related to contemporary civilisation, transforming them into the language of forms. She is interested in feelings related to the lack of an alternative that the modern model of the world of mass, over-mass production offers to us. Formal solutions, symbolising content, processing images taken from the Internet. She combines legibility of forms with abstraction, autonomous and narrative formality.   Selected exhibitions, publications, projects, awards.   - Glamour Affair Magazine, dedicated to culture and art. Featured article about the latest series of graphics "Metamorphosis" and "Consumerism", Milan, 05-2019   - TV interview broadcast on TVP2 (Poland), about Warsaw murals. Speak about mural design made on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Bank BGK, Warsaw, Metro Centrum, 05-2019   - Exhibition "What do we do now?" The Wrong Biennale, Malta. Upcoming exhibition related to digital collisionism, increasing connectivity, electrifying society.   - Exhibition "Repurpose", / Adidas Originals x Creative Debuts, London 15.08-15.09.2019 The exhibition is accompanied by a publication. The idea of ​​the exhibition refers to the concept of reuse, regeneration, recycling, waste and exhausted resources. 
- GRANT - of the Honorable Mention Award Ello’s 2017 Creative Excellence Awards. Los Angeles, United States. 03-2018   - Exhibition at the Wilson Shaft Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, Poland. 9.03-20.05.2018 "II Review of Contemporary Art "New Avant Garde". Presentation of graphics from the series "Consumerism". "Focusing on the progress of the 21st century such terms as,  consumptionism simply speaking, excessive consumption, unjustified by the real needs of having, where not social,  individual or ecological costs are important. This is related to environmental pollution and mass production.  Living in a society we experience feelings resulting from being part of the culture that we have created ourselves,  I am interested in these feelings, in the context of mass and unit"   - Exhibition accompanying Europe's largest festival about the future. FutureFest, "Alernative You" , Tobacco Dock, London, 06.07- 07.07.2018 The exhibition refers to the main theme of the Festival's program. Refers to our constant identity evolution at the intersection of the real and digital world. How can we discover and edit our identity in the future? "For many, our relationship with the future is problematic. From hidden influences in the media and politics to growing threats terrorism and environmental degradation. The idea of the Festival refers to shaping a better future through presentations exhibitions, debates and inspirational conversations"   - Exhibition "Cyberia", Ugly Duck Gallery, London 25.08-27.08.2017 The exhibition is accompanied by a publication. The exhibition engages visitors in visual dialogue on geopolitical topics, social and even interplanetary occurring as a result of digitalisation.
- Exhibition "There is no planet B", Underdog Gallery, London 04.06-06.06.2016 The exhibition is accompanied by a publication. The exhibition highlights the problems our planet is currently facing - economic, environmental, political - and what our world would look like without them.   - Exhibition International Print Triennial / Grand Prix of Young Polish Graphic Arts,
Academy Of Fine Arts Gallery, Plac Matejki 13, Krakow, Poland. 18.09-18.10.2015.
The exhibition is accompanied by a publication. The idea of ​​the exhibition was to present works that can become an important and sometimes even radical commentary on the iconosphere around us.   - Exhibition at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Exhibition title "XXL" Brazil. 10-2008 - 06-2009 The exhibition is accompanied by a publication. 33 international artists and designers took part in the exhibition. The question was: "What does XXL mean to you"? The show of over 80 works has been the most successful at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum since its opening in 2003. (80,000 visitors, 200 articles) The duration of the exhibition was extended twice.   - Palaise de Tokyo, an exhibition of illustrations in collaboration with Double Decker, Paris, 03.06-03.07-2008   - Trafalgar Hotel, exhibition of illustrations in cooperation with Double Decker, London, 11.09-18.09-2007



Sofia Hydman is an illustrator and GIF Artist born in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Her work is described as sassy, voluminous and cheeky, often with a great portion of humor and girl power. She’s experienced working within different fields of visual communication, splitting her time between commercial work and personal projects. Clients includes Anyways, Cover Magazine, Die Zeit, Elton John AIDS Foundation, enRoute, Financial Times, Giphy, Google, Kwippit, Masionneuve, Medium Magazine, Novembre Magazine, Språktidningen, Susan G Komen Foundation & The Lily/The Washington Post.

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Sofia Hydman c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO



Patrick Widmer is an illustrator born in Basel, Switzerland. He studied graphic design and visual communication in Lucerne and Basel. Currently he lives in Munich, Germany, where he works as illustrator with main interest in children’s-, theater-, opera- and editorial illustration.

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Katrin Funcke


KATRIN FUNCKE, born 1970 in Bielefeld, lives and works in Berlin.
Katrin graduated in communicationdesign from School of Visual Arts Braunschweig. For her illustartion work she received merits and medals, including an Art Director's Club goldmeal and the female artists award of northern westfalia/germany. Her art has been shown in numerous galleries and institutions around Germany, e.g. Freies Deutsches Hochstift, Goethehaus Frankfurt, Zeche Zollverein Essen, Galerie Ludwig, Schloss Oberhausen and Kunstverein Aschaffenburg.

Publications (excerpt): 2018: „100 Frauen“, Jacoby und Stuart; 2016: „Paula - Requiem für eine Freundin“, Agogo Verlag;  2013: Rheinsberg – ein Bilderbuch für Verliebte“, self-published;  2011: „Mut & Anmut", Künstlerhaus Schloß Wiepersdorf /   2004: „Brüste kriegen“, Verbrecher Verlag; 2003: „ella nina john“, Verbrecher Verlag; „Mittebuch”, Verbrecher Verlag / „My Favorite Things", self-published

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Sebastian König

Sebastian is an Illustrator from Hamburg working for commercial clients like Apple, Ace & Tate, Warby Parker, Rimowa and editorial clients like The New Yorker, Die Zeit or Cicero. His artworks are defined by a rough papercut-like vector style, grainy textures and well picked color compositions.

about the artwork
The selected artworks show a mix of projects for commercial clients and editorial projects as well as personal projects. The illustrations consist of simple picture stories or short comic strips. Three special images are an excerpt from the upcoming art book "Jamming" published by Stolen Books in winter 2019.


Manuel Kilger

Manuel Kilger, born in 1981, is an illustrator originally from Bavaria, Germany. In 2009 he received his diploma with distinction in communication design and illustration. Currently he resides in Nuremberg, Germany and works as a freelance illustrator for diverse clients, for example Nickelodeon, Sony, Cartoon Network and many more.
Manuel regularly takes part in various exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

about the artwork
My artwork is characterized by a huge imagination, richness of detail and often an ironic and funny touch, depending on the topic. I love to hide funny details and hints in my illustrations, and also allusions to current affairs. Additionally my illustrations are often influenced by current TV series, movies and pop culture and also stuff of the 80s and 90s. In this time period I started drawing and illustrating very intensively.  


Barbi Mlczoch | Cosmopola

Hello, my name is Chantal Caduff. I am a freelance Collage Animation & GIF Artist currently living in Berne, Switzerland. I have lived all over the world including the United Stated, Great Britain and South Korea. Traveling is a passion of mine and when I can't travel I create my own beautiful little worlds I can escape to. I love to celebrate the weird and colorful and bring my imagination through collage animations and gifs to life . 2014 BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Brighton, UK

2017 MA Design, Short Motion, Hochschule Luzern, CH     CLIENTS MTV, McDonalds, Interscope Records, Giphy, Paramount, Citadel Festival (and more)   FEATURES Amelias Magazine, Adweek, TheGuardian, Giphy, Design Juices   AWARDS Penguin Random House Design Award, Shortlisted   I have worked as a creative assistant for MTV international as well as an editor, illustrator and graphic designer.

about the artwork
Chantal Caduff Collage Animation & GIF Artist


Andre Levy Silva | Andre Levy a.k.a. Zhion

Andre Levy Silva also known as Zhion is a pop illustrator and visual artist based in Frankfurt, Germany. His works translate complex concepts in simple and iconic images, edged by contemporary cultural references and a provocative sense of humor. Over 15 years experience in advertising and communication design both in Brazil and Germany add versatility and a universal approach when compressing his ideas (and others’) into strong visuals.

As a visual artist, Zhion’s concepts go beyond the apparent superficiality of his “fun” pieces, always challenging the viewer to read the sub-lines and encouraging critical thinking towards social conventions and norms.

With main focus on digital illustration, Zhion expands his possibilities by constantly experimenting with the more traditional drawing, sculpting and printing techniques. Lowbrow, surrealism, pop art, comics and urban art movements are visibly some of his biggest aesthetic influences.

about the artwork
Body Language Abstractions of the human body translated into reduced forms and flowy intertwined lines have been a recurrent element on Andre Levy's pop illustration work. "Body Language" is an ongoing series of personal illustrations inspired by intimacy, fetishism and queerness. Although created primarily for digital medias, the print aesthetic is subtly present in the use of halftone pattern (taking the role of body hair) but not only there. In an intentionally crude CMY palette, the "boyish" cyan and the "girlish" magenta find in the washed out yellow a base ground for mixing in a harmonic and organic balance. In the process as in the motives, masculinity and femininity are not different elements, but layers that compose the whole composition.


Julia Schwarz


I work as a freelance illustrator for magazines, cultural institutions and doing artworks for musicians since 2012.  
I studied graphic design at the Folkwang University of the Arts and at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and graduated in 2015 with a master’s degree in visual communication. 
My illustration style is colorful, planar and modular. I love to combine vibrant colors with subdued, soft tones. The motifs in my works range from simple and reduced settings to complex and Escher-esque architectural structures. 
I combine digital elements with textures, influenced by analog printing techniques to get content-related and visually exciting contrasts. By playing with the familiarity of these analog textures and their haptics, I introduce a distinct liveliness into my digitally drawn images. Often, the emerging perspective reminds of a child-like view and grows a visual setting around a human character.
The result is a dynamic contrast between linear geometric spaces, map-like compositions, textured patterns, and intuitively perceived organic shapes.

Here you can find a selection of my current works. Mainly editorial works but also some freelance works. I hope you like them.

about the artwork
I love to eat with friends and I love food and its aesthetics.


Joni Majer

Joni Majer is an illustrator from Berlin, born in the 80s. She lives and works and loves in Saarbrücken, Germany, where she has studied Visual Communication. She works with magazines and newspapers and draws a drawing daily since five years.

about the artwork
Daily Drawings for the New York Times during the month of Septenber 2019


Fritzi Stuke

After her diploma in communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Münster, Fritzi Stuke worked as art director in various agencies in Hamburg. She has been a freelance illustrator and art director since 2015. Fritzi Stuke is particularly passionate about vectors.

about the artwork
"all eyes on you" – feel yourselves watched, feel patterned, feel addressed, feel challenged.


Tanja Székessy

Tanja Székessy: Berlin based illustrator and children's books author. 
Born 1969, 3 children, many friends, still alive.

about the artwork
EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS in a mostly surreal mood, using pencil-drawn people and things.


Anna Sokolova

Anna Sokolova is an award-winning freelance illustrator and artist based in Berlin, Germany. She's inspired by merging the traditional and innovative approach in arts and loves sharing her knowledge.

Anna was born and grew up in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg). There she began her art studies — she attended art school and courses, studied the history of art, later she graduated from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with a degree in publishing. While studying, she was already professionally involved with her art projects related to illustration and design. She successfully participated in exhibitions, cooperated with other publishing houses and authors.

Anna works with mixed media, combining digital painting and graphics done with «classical» materials such as tempera, ink and gouache.

Since 2014, Anna is a professional member of the Society of Illustrators, New York. Since 2018, she is a leading teacher on international educational platform Skillshare.

Her works are part of the museum and private collections of Russia, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and the USA.

Discover more of her work at
and on Instagram

about the artwork
Series of murals for NETFLIX Headquarters in Amsterdam painted in Delft Blue style.  Artist was given the full artistic freedom to create 25 artworks based on Netflix Original series and movies with one condition — all heroes and iconic imagery should be recognisable with given personality and dramatic interest. Artworks are presented as large tiles in Delft Blue style, a traditional Dutch tin-glazed earthenware, a form of faience famous for its cobalt blue colours. Inspired by 17th century Delftware installation in Rijksmuseum, the tiles are mounted on the deep blue wall forming a modern hint to the traditional Royal palace decorations. Mixed media technique is celebrating merging traditional and innovative approach in arts.


Marianna Gefen

Marianna Gefen ist gebürtige St. Petersburgerin. Solange sie denken kann, zeichnet sie. Deshalb lag es nahe, dass sie ein Studium für Design mit Schwerpunkt Illustration an der Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen und ein weiteres Studium in Illustration an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften, mit dem Masterabschluss in Hamburg absolvierte. Für ein Auslandssemester ging sie nach Madrid, verliebte sich Hals über Kopf in das spanische Leben und blieb für fünf Jahre dort.

Wieder vom Fernweh getrieben reiste Marianna drei Monate lang von Moskau nach Sibirien und wieder zurück. Ihre Eindrücke hielt die Illustratorin in einem bildhaften Reisejournal für ihre Masterarbeit fest. „Bei Schneesturm und bis zu minus vierzig Grad gondelte ich im Januar mit der Transsibirischen Eisenhahn von Moskau durch ganz Russland, die Mongolei und China bis nach Sibirien und dann wieder zurück. Sieben Tage lang dauerte die Rückfahrt von Wladiwostok nach Moskau, es ist die längste Zugfahrt der Welt – und ich habe nonstop gezeichnet: Leute, Städte und Landschaften. Es war ein richtiges Abenteuer. Das Schönste daran waren die Leute, die ich kennengelernt habe“, erinnert sie sich.

Die inzwischen in Berlin lebende Illustratorin kreiert farbenfrohe Zeichnungen, in denen sie realistisch wirkende Elemente mit abstrakten Komponenten verbindet.

Text: Berlinerin Magazin

about the artwork
Marianna Gefen mischt verschiedene Medien miteinander: Meist benutzt sie Aquarell, Tusche, verschiedene Papiersorten und Bleistift für ihre Collagen. Alle Elemente ihrer Illustrationen sind handgemacht. Sie experimentiert mit Timelapse Videos, die den Arbeitsprozess dokumentieren. Zu ihren Kunden zählen The Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, GEO Magazin, Die Weltwoche, The Architectural Review, MIT Technology Review, Psychologie Heute, Felony & Mayhem Press, Gruner + Jahr / Eltern Magazin, Territory / Mittelpunkt Magazin, Impulse Magazin, dm / active beauty, Rosegarden, Womankind, Berlinerin, aok / bleibgesund Magazin, Austrian Limited, Penny Magazine, Team Rottensteiner, Lebenlang Magazin, Scouting Magazine, Dogs Magazin, chrismon Magazin, Vigo Spezial, wdv-Gruppe, Welt der Frauen Magazin und viele mehr.


Julia Praschma

My name is Julia Praschma, but my friends call me jaypee. I am a freelance girl from the Ruhr Area based in Berlin and I am working as an illustrator. My work is often dealing with collaging different styles and techniques with a big range of poppy colours. I create patterns and handlettering as well. I love finding the essence of a complex topic in the field of editorial as well as branding. My favourite thing is to create fantastic worlds, although the topics I am dealing with are super real most of the time. I know – and you know – life can be grey sometimes so let's spread some colour and praschmatic fun!​​​​​​​


Kim Senta Vogel

After an education as a Visual Merchandiser,
i studied communication design at FH-Wiesbaden,
focus on typography and illustration.

Afterwards, i worked in various Agencies in as a Art Director in
Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. Painting and Illustrating
ran along side by side.

After a blow of fate in 2014, I became self-employed as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Since 2008 I live with my 7-year-old son in Berlin.

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Nadine Kolodziey


Nadine Kolodziey is a Frankfurt and Berlin based visual artist and illustrator. Her work is handcut, melted or sometimes made into a walkable environment. In doing so, forms are created in a analogue and digital way - materials such as plastic and pixels are combined. Graduated in MA art and design, Kolodzieys work is dedicated to the field of visual research. With her project: The undrawn drawing, a visual field expedition of illustrative research is touring through germany, inviting the community to explore and push boundaries of what we know as drawing.

about the artwork
Hollywood garden This exhibit is a walkable display that invites visitors to take a stroll through a unique physical and digital art landscape. The Undrawn Drawing Club is an experimental illustration project by artist and Adobe Creative Resident Nadine Kolodziey. She is an artist based in Berlin and Frankfurt. A 2018-19 Adobe Creative Resident, her work is focused on combining digital design with hand-cut, melted, and sculpted shapes to create an experiential environment. Use the QR code below to discover and create new layers of this environment using augmented reality.


Pierre-Paul Pariseau

Pierre-Paul Pariseau is an artist and illustrator working for a wide range of international clients. He exhibits his personal work regularly, internationally.

Evoking currents of surrealism and pop art, the creative work of Pariseau invites us into a world of images where everything is possible.
Special publications :   “The illustrator, 100 best from around the world”, Taschen, 2019. “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide” (Austria, U.S.A.),  2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2016-2017 and 2018-2019. “Pictoria” (Australia), a visual survey of contemporary commercial and self initiated illustration projects from some of the best practicing illustrators worldwide, 2018. “Freistil - Die Besten Illustratoren 2014”, “Freestyle - The Best Illustrators 2014” (Germany), published by Freistil, 2014.“Illustration 2, the best of contemporary illustration” (Germany),  2012.